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RG Fitness and Wellness Solutions LLC offers more than online continuing education courses. We can also teach you in person! Have a look at our other services to identify the best type of program that best fits your needs.

Let Us Bring Continuing Education Courses Onsite to Your Facility

We can provide onsite CEU courses for groups with a minimum of five participants at your facility. Contact us to learn more.

Need an External Activity Professional to Provide One-on-One or Group Physical Movement or Brain Fitness Activities for Seniors at Your Facility in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area? 

Contact us today to set up regularly scheduled activity sessions.

Looking for Corporate Trainings or Workshops for Your Team?

Example of Course Offerings:

  • How to Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Diabetes Awareness and Prevention
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • One-on-One Activities for Caregivers and More

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